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Best Educational Apps for Children

Best Educational Apps for Children

There is no denying the fact that technology has easily made its way into our educational system. It is indeed a blessing since most kids spend a good amount of time using tablets and phones. Parents should not just hand over the tablets to them. Instead, help them learn useful things while also monitoring their usage. There are several entertaining yet educational apps so parents can make use of screen time to supplement their education.

Online educational apps are quite easy to use and can help develop your children’s cognitive skills. Do not deprive your children of technology, as it can help them learn things from an early age. Ensure you have a stable internet connection so your child can make the most of these applications.

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It is an interesting educational app that makes learning fun. It offers educational news and videos about science and engineering.

Your child can achieve the highest quality education from the Science360 app. All of the content is either created by the NSF or collected from scientists throughout the world. The application keeps adding the latest content every week, so your child only receives a quality education. It also offers a 360-degree view, which enables your child to view photos from all directions.

YouTube Kids

This app is available for free and has exclusively developed content for kids. They can easily watch their favorite shows. It contains educational videos on different topics so children can watch the content they like and still learn essential skills.

Busy Shapes

This app uses the Montessori Method of hands-on learning technique. Your child can explore and move the shapes around. This helps them remember the shapes and objects easily and encourages their problem-solving skills in them. Busy Shapes is a perfect educational app as it helps your child recognize shapes and colors.


If you want your child to learn one or more languages, then download this app today! It is one of the best free apps as it has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. It can help enhance your child’s language skills quite easily. Your child can learn any language from Italian to German, as it has more than 40+ languages. Moreover, it helps practice the language through audio, word identification, oral exercises, and much more.

Todo Math

Todo Math is especially for kids studying in pre-K as it takes your child on a daily math adventure. Learning essential math skills is no longer boring, the daily practice drills last 10 to 15 minutes. It has simple word problems and games that your child would love playing. With this interesting application, they can learn counting, numbers, addition, or subtraction.

Fish School

This is an award-winning app because it makes learning extremely fun. With this app, your preschooler will learn essential concepts of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and so much more. Your kids can drag and make the schools of colored fish and form numbers or shapes. This helps them recognize numbers, learn to count, remember colors, and so on. Also, this application can be downloaded on Android or iOS and is best suited for children ages 2 and up.


It is an incredible educational app that consists of an electronic book collection and comprises more than 35,000 children’s books. Do not limit the screen time of your children instead, hand this application to them as it can help them acquire reading skills.

It is a terrific option for families with children of different ages and is an ideal way to help your child learn reading. However, this app is not free, and you have to pay 8 dollars per month.

Quick Math Jr.

This app helps your child engagingly learn math. Your child can play 12 different arithmetic games on the Quick Math Jr. app, which features core math ideas and skills. Moreover, it will intrigue your child with its distinctive graphics and creative characters. They can even practice handwriting because every answer is scribbled or drawn on the screen. This app is free to use, so download it today and make your child’s learning journey smooth and interesting.

In Brief

Next time if your kids want to use laptops or smartphones, do not stop them! Instead, use these apps mentioned above to reap technology’s benefits in its truest sense. They have made learning more fun and interesting! These applications can aid your child’s learning and enhance their skills perfectly from the comfort of home.

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