Follow These 5 Ways to Save Your Android Phone Battery

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Along with the development of technology, Android smartphones are increasingly equipped with a variety of functions that turn them into a versatile device. Users can use this device to play videos, interact on social media, find routes to a place, and play online games.

save battery on an Android

However, despite its sophisticated capabilities, intensive smartphone use will certainly drain the battery faster. There are some easy steps that can be applied so that your Android smartphone battery can last longer. Here’s how to save battery on an Android smartphone as compiled from Indian Express.

1. Activate Dark Mode

Most of smartphones Android has been equipped with features dark mode ( Dark Mode ). Apart from being easy on the eyes, this mode can save battery power, especially on Android smartphones with OLED screens.

On an OLED screen, the pixels will die if they display black. So that this can make the battery last longer. To be more effective, you can also activate Dark Mode in various other applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

2. Turn off the GPS feature

The GPS feature has the ability to track the location in real-time. However, if activated continuously, this feature can actually drain battery power. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only activate the GPS feature when you really need it, such as when you are looking for a route to a location.

To be able to disable this feature, go to the Settings menu, select Location and slide the Location Service toggle. The GPS feature can also be turned off by selecting an option in the menu-bar located on the main smartphone page.

3. Always use WiFi

Continuously active cellular data seems to be able to speed up the consumption of Android smartphone battery power . You can turn off cellular data and switch to using a WiFi connection.

You can also activate the Airplane Mode feature to further optimize battery usage. However, the Airplane Mode feature will disable service providers so that smartphones cannot receive calls and SMS.

4. Avoid Widgets and Moving Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper certainly looks interesting because it is able to display moving animations. However, you should avoid using this feature if you want your smartphone battery to last longer.

In addition, the Widget feature that is present on the homescreen also has the potential to increase battery power consumption. Check which widgets are not really needed, then disable them. This step can help save battery usage.

5. Enable Power Saving Mode

If the Android smartphone battery is in a critical state, you can activate Power Saving Mode. This special mode can extend the consumption of battery power by reducing CPU usage, network usage, and screen brightness level.

Some smartphone vendors even provide additional Power Saving Mode which can save battery even further by turning off almost all device functions except for the most basic ones, namely telephone and SMS.


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