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How to Check Google Photos Remaining Storage Capacity

Google Photos illustration

Cloud -based storage service, Google Photos, has been providing free photo and video storage without any space restrictions. That luxury will be a memory. Because, starting June 1, 2021, the free storage space available on Google Photos will be limited to only 15 GB. More than that, users have to pay to increase storage capacity .

Google Photos illustration

Before this policy goes into effect, Google will give a warning to users if the free storage capacity is almost 15 GB. Google also urges users to regularly check the used storage capacity or the remaining available space.

So how do you check the remaining storage capacity of Google Photos? The following are the steps as summarized from GadgetsNow.

1. Through the application

– Open the Google Photos application.

– On the main page, click the profile picture in the top right corner to open the settings menu.

– After that, select the option “Account Storage”

Check Google Photos Remaining Storage

– When clicked, a three-color graphic will appear showing details of the storage capacity in Google Photos.

– Blue for Google Drive, red for Gmail, and yellow for Google Photos.

Check Google Photos Remaining Storage

2. Through the website

– Apart from the method above, you can also check the remaining storage capacity of Google Photos via the website.

– To do this, you can simply click on the following link

– A page will appear showing the details of the storage as shown below.

Check Google Photos Remaining Storage

It should be noted, free storage capacity on Google Photos is also conditional. Photo size cannot be more than 16 MP. If you pass that number, Google Photos will shrink it so that it is 16 MP.


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