How To Fix FF14 Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

How To Fix FF14 Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

Square Enix created Final Fantasy XIV, an award-winning MMORPG. It was the fourteenth chapter in the Final Fantasy series, and it is still quite popular after all these years. Many players, however, are reporting the FFXIV 2002 problem, which prohibits them from accessing the gaming lobby. To know how to fix this problem then read this article.

What exactly is FFXIV error 2002?

however, Yoshida has announced that the team is working on an update to boost that number to fix the error. You are likely to encounter an error code if you choose a character before attempting to log in to Final Fantasy XIV for Endwalker. According to Square Enix, the strategy prevents servers from crashing due to “severe traffic congestion,” however if you have trouble logging in, wait a few minutes before attempting to log in again.   Fortunately, the wait should be brief.

Square Enix doubled the number of concurrent logins and imposed an AFK timeout of 30 minutes to reduce server congestion, allowing users to come and leave faster than previously required. 

Why does error 2002 occur in Final Fantasy XIV 2002?

There is no one source of this problem. On the contrary, there are two major causes of this issue. The most common cause of a broken internet connection is error code 2002. The Windows Firewall is sometimes to blame.

The reasons for error 2002 in Final Fantasy XIV are as follows:

A Weak Internet Connection 

Final Fantasy XIV and other online games demand a strong internet connection. 

When your internet connection is unstable, it might cause errors and disrupt your gaming. As a result, in order to play FFXIV without interruption, you must pay close attention to your internet connection.

Windows firewall protection

Certain Internet-connected files are frequently blocked by the Windows Firewall. The firewall recognizes them as malicious operating system components.

Final Fantasy XXIV error 2002 is being prevented by a Windows firewall. 

DNS cache corruption

This problem might be caused by damaged cache files.  An overloaded DNS might get damaged for a variety of causes, compromising the regular operation of the PC. As a result of this, a problem connecting to Final Fantasy Lobby servers was detected. This issue will be resolved by flushing the DNS server.

Antivirus Barriers

It disables the lobby server and inhibits online games such as Final Fantasy XIV. Because he believes the game poses a danger to the PC.

Ignoring FFXIV for Antivirus may help to resolve the problem.

  • These are the primary mistake sources in Final Fantasy 2002. You’re upset for a variety of reasons.  I understand, but in order to address any problem, you must first understand why it exists. But don’t give up, my friend. It’s time to go and move on. In the next part, I’ll go through some quick and easy legal solutions to this situation. So let us get to the bottom of this.

How To Repair Error 2002

Knowing what is causing the problem will make it easier to find a solution.  There are two options for dealing with this issue. A brief overview can sometimes fix an issue.

Restart the network interface after enabling FFXIV in the firewall, uninstalling WTfast, and installing Windows Updates.   These are all tried-and-true answers to the problem. Now let’s start with the restart technique. It is advertised as the solution to all technological issues.

So, first, reset your router. Sometimes restarting it clears all superfluous DNS cache and solves the problem.

Here’s how to restart your router:

  • First, turn off your router.
  • Take it off the power supply. After a few minutes, 1it. 
  • Press the power button once more.
  • Connect to the internet and launch the game. I wish you the best of luck.

How to Solve FF14 2002 Lobby Server Connection Error

When the Internet connection between your device and the FF14 online server is lost for whatever reason, this error occurs. This could be faced with network troubles, or the game server is offline due to the recent server upgrade and Endwalker expansion maintenance.

If it’s the second situation, there’s nothing you can do but wait for Square Enix to do the fix. If not, here are some steps you may do to reconnect.

If an issue occurs, the first thing you should do is restart your computer or console. It is frequently beneficial. You might also try restarting your router.

Turn it off for a minute or two and then back on to see if the problem remains. If it still doesn’t work, switch off your internet service and access to the game over your mobile phone’s wifi.


If the game connects to your home Internet normally, it’s time to contact your service provider. Also, if none of these helped and the FFXIV 2002 issue persists, you should contact Final Fantasy XIV Online Support for further assistance.

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