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How To Send Documents Through Email

How To Send Documents Through Email

Emailing documents is a common way to share them with others. When you email a document, you are essentially sending it as an attachment to an email message. The recipient can then open the document and view it on their computer or device.

Send Documents Through Email

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Emailing documents is a common way to share them with others. Here are a few tips for sending documents through email. Compose a new email message and address it to the intended recipient.

In the body of the message, type a short message letting the recipient know what document you’re sending and why.

Click the “Attach” button. This will open a new window where you can select the file you want to send.

  1. Locate the file you wish to email by navigating there.
  2. After selecting the file with your mouse, click the “Open” button.
  3. Your email message will now include the file as an attachment.
  4. Click on the attached file to verify that the document was correctly uploaded before sending the email.
  5. To submit your email, click “Send” if everything appears in order.

You Can Send a Document in an Email’s Body

Assuming you have the document you wish to send already created, open your email client and create a new email. To send the document in the body of the email, click and drag the document into the body of the email. The document will automatically be inserted as an attachment. 

If you want the body of the email to say something specific about the document you’re sending, type your message before or after inserting the document. Click the “Send” button after you are through editing your email to complete the procedure.

Send Large Documents Through Email

Emailing large documents can be a pain. You may have to split up the files, send them as links, or use a file-sharing service. 

If you send a large document to someone, they will need it in a format other than Word or PDF. To ensure they can open it, send the file as a link. Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file-sharing services make it easy to share files with anyone, regardless of their software.

Consider utilizing a file-sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive if you often email huge files. These services make it easy to share files with anyone, regardless of their software. Additionally, viewing your files from any location is convenient if you need to send them yourself.

Sending large documents through email doesn’t have to be a pain. By using a file-sharing service or sending the file as a link, you can ensure the recipient can open the document, no matter what software they use.

Securely Send Documents Through Email

When sending documents through email, you can do a few things to ensure they are sent securely. The first step is to encrypt the document with a program like PGP before emailing it if it is sensitive. Instead of including the document in the email, you may send it as an attachment. Be careful to password-protect the attachment if you decide to transmit it. Finally, don’t forget to delete any copies of the document that are stored on your computer after sending.


When sending documents through email, always use caution. A third party might intercept your data since email is not a secure mode of communication. If possible, encrypt your documents before sending them. You should also be aware that some email providers do not encrypt attachments, so check with your provider before sending anything sensitive.

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