How To Solve Ffxiv Lobby Server Error 2002 Endwalker Bug

How To Solve Ffxiv Lobby Server Error 2002 Endwalker Bug

Fans who want to play Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is getting error code 2002 after waiting in a long line. The next expansion’s early access phase began on December 3, 2021, and the game has progressed significantly. Every day, players. The length of the queue varies substantially depending on the number of gamers that plan to visit Eurasia. 2002 is the error code. Sadly, fans will have to wait due to a server malfunction. Going to a different server or checking in at different times of the day might help adventurers save time.

What is the fix for the Lobby Server 2002 endwalker error?

This unpleasant issue is a bug from 2002 that might prevent you from accessing the  After you’ve waited in line for a bit or before you get to the character selection screen, play this game.     

Square Enix later said in a follow-up post that there were two key factors for the miscalculation in 2002: “when your Internet connection experienced packet loss. I was able to  “I’m going to crash right now.

The first cause can only be addressed by addressing general congestion concerns, and the second is to use a cable connection rather than Wi-Fi to eliminate connection faults and enhance connections.

However, gamers have indicated that this problem may be fixed. If you receive error 2002, go to the data center menu from the title screen and confirm your data center, then proceed to the character selection screen and queue.

It was purely coincidental, but it worked when we ran into the 2002 error and put it to the test!  It’s now time to travel to the moon!

What exactly is the FFXIV 2002 bug?

This indicates that there are a large number of individuals waiting to get in. The error 2002 will appear if more than 21,000 people are waiting for your world.  Check out game designer Navoki Yoshida’s Loadstone article for a more extensive description of the flaws and how the team is trying to address them.

If I’m having too many issues, how can I log in and play?

When you get the 2002 error, if you don’t log in right away, you’ll be sent to the back of the line. Some PC users save time by repeatedly running the client, inputting their login credentials, and then waiting for the play button to be pressed until they log out. They will be able to restart their game sooner as a result of this.

We noted that there were virtually no lines at the entrance early in the morning, then thousands of lines began to form for the next 13-14 hours.

Because you’re effectively AFK, this adds to the server’s workload and adds to the depth of the login queue problem.

Character data retrieval error

Another bug affects players when they play Endwalker, albeit it isn’t nearly as serious as it was in 2002.

Your true character and its data will be concealed if you receive a “Failed to collect character data” message while visiting the character selection screen.  However, you may still log in with them, thus this mistake can be ignored. This is a gaming feature that prevents many players from logging in at the same time.

What Is FFXIV Error 2002 and How Do I Fix It?

Because the Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV was initially released as an Access title, you may have seen the glitch on character screens before 2002.

The Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is now fully operational, and if there is any early access, Square Enix servers will have a lot of work to do. As the team writes in the Server Overload blog post, this should come as no surprise. They also describe what the FFX IV error 2002 is, however you can watch it fail by reading the remainder of the post. The majority of the goods have been claimed.

Producer Navoki Yoshida previously told us that the team is doing all necessary to guarantee a seamless launch, albeit you’ll “inevitably” have to wait. “We consider several criteria. When we try to tackle the problem of overcrowding, there are things we can do with there is technology to assist, and there are sites where we can place people and resources to assist. We may put our money in a variety of areas. He stated at the time, “Right now, we’re focusing all of our efforts on these three areas.


According to Yoshida, this will significantly expand the number of servers accessible for debugging, allowing gamers to test their games more effectively and connect in without having to wait, albeit this is presently not possible due to COVID-19’s influence on development.      

Unfortunately, the fact is that the market is short on chips, he remarked. So, while we’d like to invest money in this area, we just can’t – that’s the largest issue we’re dealing with right now.

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