Not an Artist, This is The First TikTok Celebrity with 100 million Followers

Charli DAmelio

Teenager from the United States, D’Amelio D’Amelio, became the first content creator on TikTok to have 100 million followers. ” We are proud to announce that one of our creators has successfully gained 100 million followers. Congratulations to D’Amelio D’Amelio ! ,” wrote TikTok on its official blog page.

Charli DAmelio

The 16-year-old girl managed to beat two other creators who only have about 50 million followers, as well as top Hollywood artists.

D’Amelio also beat well-known celebrities who have TikTok accounts, such as Will Smith, Dwyane Johnson (The Rock), Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande.

A young woman whose full name is Charli Grace D’Amelio is a dancer from the US who was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut. She danced in various competitions for over 10 years, before starting her social media career. D’Amelio started uploading the first content on his TikTok account in May 2019.

This means that in less than two years, D’Amelio managed to set this record. To appreciate this achievement, TikTok donated 100,000 US dollars on behalf of D’Amelio to the American Dance Movement, an organization engaged in the development of dance studios in the US.

“TikTok and the dance community mean a lot to me. I would not have gotten to this point without their support,” D’Amelio said in a statement. On December 1, D’Amelio will also announce further details regarding the campaign titled “D’Amelio D’Amelio Dance Grant” for several other donation programs.

Apart from D’Amelio, the D’Amelio Family management team also focuses on developing the content of all family members, one of which is his older brother, Dixie.

In August, Dixie released his new single “Be Happy” and successfully occupied the top position on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart. Today, the music video for “Be Happy” has been viewed 93 million times on YouTube.

As if they didn’t want to be left behind, their parents, Heidi and Marc, also continued to build audiences on their respective social media platforms. As compiled from The Verge, both are known to exist in several “D’Amelio Family” accounts, both on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.


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