PlayStation 5 Problems and How to Fix Them

PS5 with DualSense controller

Sony officially released the PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) console in a number of countries on Thursday (12/11/2020). The presence of this next-gen console seems to have caught the attention of gamers. Because, in just a matter of days, PS5 stock that was sold online in Japan was immediately sold out.

PS5 with DualSense controller

Even though it received a warm welcome, the PS5 also received harsh criticism at the beginning of its launch. Not a few of the early PS5 owners complained about a number of annoying bugs and errors .

Sony itself still has not provided an official statement regarding how to solve these various problems. However, there are some simple, proven ways to deal with problems experienced on the PS5.

So, what problems do you encounter on the PS5 and how do you fix them? For details, please refer to the explanation below as compiled from Geek Culture, Tuesday (17/11/2020).

1. Games and applications are stuck in the queue column

Many players have experienced digital download issues. Games that should be downloaded automatically are stuck in the “Queued for Download” status. This problem does not only occur when users download games, but also applies when downloading applications such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

To overcome this, users are advised to restore PS5 settings to their original / factory conditions. If the problem occurs again, then the user may have to do a factory reset again.

2. Failed to connect to the PlayStation Network

A number of users admit that it is difficult to access the PlayStation Network (PSN) service. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to fix this problem. Users can try to restart the internet connection connected to the PS5. In addition, users can check the status of the PSN service by visiting the official PlayStation website at the following link.

3. Cannot transfer data from PS4 to PS5 via USB port and LAN

When accessing the PS5 for the first time, users can choose to transfer data from PS4 to PS5. Of course, this transfer option is not mandatory or can be bypassed. If you choose to transfer data to the PS5, users are advised to send data using a WiFi network, via USB via an external HDD / SSD, or a LAN cable.

However, when this stage was carried out, not a few of the many users admitted to experiencing interference such as the transfer process which took a long time. In some cases, this process can cause the console to crash.

The best way to transfer data right now is via a WiFi network. Users can also transfer via USB. It is recommended to use the USB port which is located on the front side of the console. However, this method also has the potential to cause other new problems.

Doing a factory reset is also said to fix this problem, although it can erase all data and settings on the PS5. As a result, users are only advised to use a WiFi network when they want to transfer data.

4. Some PS4 games cannot be played on PS5

Some time ago, Sony announced that there are nearly 4,000 PS4 games that can be played on the PS5 console. But in fact, a number of players still fail to play PS4 games on their PS5 consoles.

Some even encountered an error, where they were asked to buy PlayStation Store PS4 games. In fact, the PS4 game in question has been transferred to the PS5.

To solve this problem, users can access the “Users” menu and select “Accounts”. Scroll down until you find the “Other” option. Click the “Other” option and select “Restore Licenses”. Next, a page will appear informing you that users can now play PS4 games on their PS5 console.

5. PS5 turns off while running games

Among the problems that came with the PS5, it can be said that this is the most serious one. Because, when a user is playing a game or accessing an application such as Netflix, the PS5 can suddenly shut down.

The worst part is that this problem can happen at any time. This of course can make users feel very annoyed. There is no definite way to solve this problem, but users can try to do a factory reset on the PS5.

6. PS5 crashes while enabling Rest Mode

Rest Mode is a mode where the console can remain active in a low power state . Generally, this mode is used when the user wants to download a large game that takes hours. This mode allows the console to continue to actively download games and applications, even if the console looks like it is off.

The requirement to activate this mode is to keep the console power connected and the internet connection in a smooth state.

Well, apparently there is a bug that makes it difficult for users to access Rest mode and in some cases it can crash the console . The issue also has the potential to lose data stored on the PS5. Until now, Sony still hasn’t announced a way to fix the problem. As a result, users are advised not to temporarily activate Rest mode.

Apart from that, users can also completely disable the Rest mode feature by accessing the Settings menu and selecting the “Power Saving” option. Then click “Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode” and select “Disable Rest Mode”.

7. DualSense does not work after initial setup

When using the DualSense controller for the first time, users must first perform the initial setup steps. Users will be prompted to connect DualSense to the console via the provided USB-C port. In the process, DualSense will install and update the software.

If the user accidentally disconnects the cable while the controller is still in the installation process, the controller will experience an error. If this problem occurs, users can re-download the software by going to the Settings menu, selecting “System”, and selecting the “System Software Update and Settings” option.

Next select “Update System Software”. If the problem persists, users are advised to perform a factory reset on the PS5 console.

8. PS Camera cannot be connected to the PS5 console ( Error CE-111161-1)

To be able to stream games on the PS5, users can use a built-in accessory from Sony, namely the PS Camera. However, some users actually get an error with the code “CE-111161-1” when installing the PS Camera.

The good news, Sony has explained how to solve this problem. Users must use a special adapter to connect the PS Camera to the PS5. Furthermore, users are advised to adjust the camera position and use the camera in a bright room.

9. The PS5 image looks distorted on the TV or monitor

Some users report that the image displayed on the TV connected to the PS5 looks distorted, if not absent at all. This usually happens when the user uses a third-party HDMI cable to connect the console to a TV or monitor. To fix this, users are advised to use the official HDMI cable that is available in the box with the PS5.


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