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PUBG Mobile Players Are Targeted by Cyber ​​Criminals

Royale Pass Season 16

Be careful if you like to play games battleroyale PUBG Mobile. Because, this game is the target of irresponsible parties who want to steal user data. Kaspersky antivirus company found 260 fake web pages targeting PUBG Mobile players with phishing traps.

Royale Pass Season 16

The design is made in such a way as to convince PUBG Mobile account owners that the pages are genuine from the game maker, so they don’t realize that the data entered into them will end up in the hands of cyber criminals.

These cyber criminals are taking advantage of the arrival of the new PUBG Mobile season that has just been released. In the 16th season, PUBG Mobile brings a number of new items, including Metro mode: Exodus.

These phishing pages try to lure PUBG Mobile players by offering bait in the form of free items . Players are then directed to post their account via their Twitter or Facebook profile. Players will also be asked to provide additional information such as username, telephone number, to the level being played.

After entering this personal data, players will get a statement “Your prize will arrive within 24 hours”, but in fact it is not. “Our researchers found there were 260 pages in just a few days, and the number is growing,” said Tatyana Shcherbakova, Kaspersky security researcher in her official blog.

He also said the page had nothing to do with Tencent, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. “The purpose of the page ( phishing site ) is to steal game player data,” continued Tatyana.

In order to avoid this data theft, Tatyana advised players to be more careful if they find the lure of free gifts outside the official PUBG Mobile website.

“Prizes outside the official PUBG Moblie website are almost certainly a scam. If the site URL is not , do not enter any information,” said Tatyana, compiled from Kaspersky Blog, Thursday (26/11/2020).

Tatyana said, if indeed the developer gave items or free gifts to players officially, then the information would definitely be spread through the official PUBG Mobile pages and social media.

“Therefore, we recommend using a reliable security solution that blocks malicious pages to protect you from online fraud and phishing ,” concluded Tatyana.


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