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In a significant setback for the Congress party in Gujarat, two more senior party leaders from Rajkot have resigned from the party. This comes after several resignations from Congress leaders across the state in the past few weeks. The two leaders, Tilak Raj Ahir and Rajesh Patel were both close aides of former Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Background of the Congress Party in Rajkot 

The Congress Party has a long and storied history in Rajkot, Gujarat. It was in the year 1933 that the first Congress worker was elected to the municipal council of Rajkot. Since then, the Congress Party has played a significant role in the politics of Rajkot. 

For many years, it has been a considerable force in the city’s municipal politics. In the 2008 Gujarat state assembly elections, the Congress Party won an impressive majority in Rajkot, winning 18 out of the city’s 30 seats. It then formed a coalition government with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).

However, the Congress Party’s fortunes in Rajkot have declined over the past few years. In the 2017 Gujarat state assembly elections, the party won just six of the city’s 30 seats. This prompted two senior Congress Party leaders from Rajkot, Chirag Zala, and Ashok Bhatt, to quit the party and join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This was seen as a significant blow to the city’s Congress Party, followed by the recent resignation of two more senior Congress Party leaders from Rajkot. The resignations of these two leaders from the Congress Party is yet another sign of the party’s declining popularity in the city.

Reasons for Resignation 

The recent resignation of two Congress leaders from Rajkot, Gujarat, has caused an uproar in the state’s political circles. The two Congress leaders who have resigned are former Rajkot Municipal Corporation President Dr. Rajesh Thakor and former Rajkot Municipal Corporation Councillor Mr. Pankaj Choksi. According to reports, the two leaders have resigned, citing dissatisfaction with the state government’s policies and lack of development in the region. 

The two leaders had been vocal in their criticisms of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government in Gujarat. They also participated in several agitations and protests against the government’s policies and decisions. Their resignation has been seen as a sign of growing dissatisfaction among the people of Gujarat, particularly in the rural areas, with the BJP government. 

The two leaders also accused the government of ignoring the development of the Rajkot region. They alleged that the government needed to do more to improve the infrastructure and address the problems of the local people. The two leaders also campaigned for better living conditions and regional development. 

The resignation of the two Congress leaders has caused a stir in the political circles of Gujarat. It has also raised questions about the government’s commitment to development and its ability to address the people’s grievances in rural areas. It remains to be seen how the government will respond to the people’s concerns and address the issues raised by the two leaders.

The Aftermath of the Resignation of the Congress Leaders

The resignation of two key Congress leaders from Rajkot, Gujarat, has caused a stir in the state’s political scene. The political aftermath of the concessions has been felt across the country, with the pressure mounting on the Congress Party to explain the cause of the resignations. The two leaders who resigned from the Congress party were Manoj Gohil and Chirag Chudasama, who had been associated with the party for over a decade. Their resignations come when the Congress struggles to stay in power in Gujarat.

The resignations have raised questions about the unity and strength of the Congress in Gujarat. Many question the party’s commitment to the state and its ability to take on the BJP in the upcoming elections. The resignations have also put the party in a difficult position as it now has to find suitable replacements for the two leaders. This has made rebuilding the party’s support base in Gujarat even more difficult.

The resignations of the two Congress leaders are seen as a sign of more trouble ahead for the party in Gujarat. This also brings into question the leadership of the party in the state. With the two resignations, the Congress will likely face a stiff challenge in the upcoming election. The resignations are also likely to cause more internal divisions within the party in Gujarat, which could further weaken its position in the state.

Challenges Ahead for the Congress Party in Rajkot

The latest news of two more Congress leaders from Rajkot quitting the party is challenging for the Congress in Rajkot. The resignations of two of the most experienced and senior leaders of the party have raised questions about the leadership of the party in Rajkot and the state of Gujarat in general. 

The resignations have highlighted the challenge of infighting and the need for coordination within the party in Rajkot. With these resignations, the Congress is now facing the challenge of reviving its base in Rajkot and the whole of Gujarat. The Congress must now focus on the issues that matter to Rajkot and Gujarat and find ways to win back the people’s confidence. The party must also look to strengthen its regional leadership and appoint capable leaders who can provide the necessary guidance and direction. 

The Congress must also work on its public image and ensure that the public trusts the party and its leadership. The challenges ahead for the Congress party in Rajkot are numerous, and the party must address them to remain relevant in the region.


The recent resignations of two Congress leaders from Rajkot, Gujarat, have brought to light the underlying discontent within the party. The resignations further indicate that Congress faces internal divisions and struggles to remain relevant in state politics. The concessions are a sign of the party’s waning popularity in the region and the need for the party to make changes to remain competitive. The resignations are also a reminder that the party is not immune to internal divisions and must work to address these issues to remain a viable political option in the state. Only time will tell how the Congress will respond to the resignations and the challenges that the party now faces in Gujarat.

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