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Ins Vikrant is the largest warship ever built in the history of the Indian Navy. It is a formidable symbol of India’s naval might, capable of carrying out a wide range of operations in the open seas. This warship is a testament to India’s growing technological prowess and military capabilities.

Overview of INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant is the largest warship ever built in Indian Naval history and is the first aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. The warship was designed and constructed by Cochin Shipyard Limited and was commissioned in 2013. It is India’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier and the first to be equipped with modern aircraft like MiG-29K fighters and helicopters. The warship displaces 40,000 tonnes and is powered by four Marine Power Gas Turbines. It has a length of 260 meters, a beam of 60 meters, and a height of 56 meters. 

It has a complement of 1650 personnel, comprising officers, sailors, aircrew, and marines. The warship is equipped with ship-borne weapons, such as the Barak 8 missile defense system, the OTO Melara 76 mm guns, and the AK630 CIWS, capable of providing anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine defense. This makes it one of the most formidable warships in the world.

History of the Indian Navy 

The Indian Navy has a long and proud history of defending India’s coasts and maritime trade routes and has been a cornerstone of India’s security since the 16th century. The Indian Navy has various modern vessels, from aircraft carriers to destroyers and submarines. The most notable ship in the Indian Navy’s inventory is the INS Vikrant, the largest warship built in Indian naval history and commissioned in 2013. 

The Vikrant is the first aircraft carrier to be built in India and is the flagship of the Indian Navy. The Vikrant is a 45,000-tonne vessel and is powered by four gas turbines. It is equipped with various air defense, anti-submarine and anti-surface weapons, and various aircraft such as the MiG-29K fighter jet. The Vikrant is capable of carrying a total of 30 aircraft and has a flight deck of 830 x 100 meters. 

It is also equipped with an advanced communication, navigation, and surveillance suite and can operate in challenging environments. The Vikrant symbolizes India’s commitment to the security of its maritime borders and serves as a deterrent to any potential aggressors.

Building of INS Vikrant

The building of INS Vikrant, the largest warship ever built in Indian naval history, was a monumental feat. It was built at the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) in Kochi, Kerala, under the supervision of the Indian Navy. This project was a remarkable accomplishment for the Navy as it involved the construction of a 16,000-tonne warship. The construction began in February 2009, and after a long three years, the warship was launched in August 2011. The warship was christened INS Vikrant, after the first Indian aircraft carrier of the same name, which served in World War II. 

The entire construction process of the warship was very complex and involved using advanced technologies and a skilled workforce. The vessel’s hull was made using special steel fabricated at CSL. The ship was equipped with advanced weapons, radars, and communication systems. The propulsion system of the warship was provided by four diesel generators and two gas turbines. In addition, an array of advanced sensors and navigation systems were also incorporated into the construction. 

Completing this project was a proud moment for the Indian Navy and the people of India. Not only did it demonstrate the capability of the Indian shipbuilding industry, but it also highlighted the importance of advanced technology in modern-day warfare. INS Vikrant is the ultimate example of India’s capability to build a state-of-the-art warship. With its cutting-edge features, it will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Design and Armament of INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant is a warship of the Indian Navy built in Kochi, India, in 2021. The warship was designed to provide the Navy with a robust and versatile platform to support a range of missions, including anti-surface and anti-air warfare capabilities, maritime security operations, and amphibious warfare. INS Vikrant is the largest warship ever constructed in India and is the first indigenous aircraft carrier built by the country.

The warship has various weapons and sensors, including surface-to-air missiles, close-in weapon systems, and guns. The warship also has several advanced radar and electronic warfare systems, which allow it to detect and track airborne and surface targets. Additionally, INS Vikrant has an integrated bridge system, allowing for effective operations coordination. The warship can also launch various aircraft, including the MiG-29K fighter jets, which form the backbone of the Indian Navy’s air power.

Regarding its design, INS Vikrant is powered by four diesel engines, which generate a combined total of 80,000 horsepower. The warship has an overall length of 860 feet, displacing 45,000 tons. The warship has a flight deck over 1,100 feet long and can accommodate up to 30 fighter jets and helicopters. The warship has over 1,600 personnel, including crew, aircrew, and support staff.

INS Vikrant is an essential addition to the Indian Navy, symbolizing the country’s commitment to developing a robust and capable maritime force. The warship can provide a range of capabilities and is a testament to the country’s technological prowess. With its advanced armament and state-of-the-art systems, INS Vikrant will surely be a formidable force in the Indian Ocean region.

Deployment of INS Vikrant

The deployment of INS Vikrant into the Indian Naval history marks the start of a new era of maritime dominance. INS Vikrant is the largest warship ever built in India and the first to be powered with an all-electric propulsion system. It can carry various weapons and equipment, including BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles and advanced indigenous sonar systems. 

The warship is also equipped with several advanced sensors and countermeasures, which enable it to detect and counter any threats in its vicinity. Its high-tech features will allow it to operate in any environment and engage in sophisticated operations. By being equipped with such a mighty warship, the Indian Navy has effectively increased its capabilities to project power at sea and protect its maritime borders.


INS Vikrant is a remarkable milestone in the history of the Indian Naval Force. It is the largest warship ever built in India, and its capabilities are unmatched. It is a symbol of India’s technological advancement in the naval sector. Its powerful weapons, sophisticated systems, and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it the most formidable warship in the Indian Navy. It shows India’s commitment to the nation’s safety and security. The INS Vikrant will ensure that India is well-prepared for any eventuality. It is a proud moment for all Indians and a testament to the country’s naval prowess.

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