Sega Selling Arcade Game Business Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

sega gaming center

The Japanese game console company Sega is reportedly going to sell their arcade business to Genda Inc. Sega announced that it had agreed to sell an 85.1 percent stake in the arcade game business called Sega Entertainment.

sega gaming center

Genda Inc is an entertainment facility rental service provider based in Tokyo, Japan. The Covid-19 pandemic is said to have had a huge impact on Sega, so he decided to sell the business.

Arcade games are coin operated game machines. Usually this game machine is installed in public places such as restaurants, cinemas, or entertainment centers. Later Genda Inc will take over about 200 arcade game machines, but retain the Sega name and brand.

Even though it has sold one of Sega Entertainment’s shares, that doesn’t mean the company’s arcade game business will just disappear. To the news site Famitsu , Sega said that customers can still visit entertainment venues to play arcade games .

“We will also continue to develop arcade games. But for now we will focus on developing the home video game console business which is expected to grow in the future,” Sega said in a statement.

The sale of the Sega Entertainment business unit was carried out after Sega previously closed Akihabara Building 2 in August 2020, also due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As summarized from Ubergizmo , Saturday (7/11/2020), Sega is predicted to experience a loss of around US $ 191 million at the end of the 2020 fiscal year.


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